What is a Contractor Disciplinary Bond?

A contractor disciplinary bond is a surety bond required by the state for contractors who have had their license revoked or suspended. Some people often term it as a punitive bond, but in essence, it is an extra protection to all entities in a contract. It also ensures that contractors do not violate the contractor’s license laws.

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Therefore, if your contractor’s license is revoked or suspended, you will need to file a disciplinary bond to get your license reinstated or to obtain a new one. Only some suspension will require the filing of the bond.


When appropriate the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) may attempt to help achieve a resolution without a disciplinary action, but serious violations of contractor’s license laws will certainly lead to disciplinary action. For example;

• Falsifying a certificate of experience or creating an illusion experiences whereas there is none

• Ill-intended application of fund or property

• Failure to obtain permit

• Abandonment of contract without legal reasons

• Poor workmanship

• Abetting an unlicensed person to evade license law

• Failure to pay subcontractor within seven days after receipt, without prior agreement or Simply violating California Labor laws.

These mentioned violations are just but a few types that will get your license revoked or suspended, even when there is no history of complaint on the license. A contractor is always warned before hand on any official investigation, but at that point, it is important to get an expert, if there is a merit to the violation.

Considerations for a Disciplinary Bond

Disciplinary bonds in California are subject to certain requirements,

1. The disciplinary bond will have to be filed in addition to other bonds if any, but this does not imply that the required bond will take the place of disciplinary bond neither can it be combined to maintain an active contractor’s license.

2. The registrar will determine the cost of the bond based on the contracts violation. The minimum amount according to the Business and Professions Code Section 7071.8 is $ 15000. But it’s not going to be ten times than the contractor’s bond.

3. The bond must be current and with the Registrar of Contractors for at least two years. When the bond is on file, the company’s license must be active as there will be scrutiny during the two years duration.

4. California Department of Insurance must license the surety company that writes the bond. Everything on the bond must correspond to the license number on CSLB records. The Bond was written must be signed by an attorney for surety company and must be on a form approved by AG office.

5. Lastly, it must be received at the CSLB offices within 90 days of the effective date of the bond.

It is imperative that the contractor understands that there is no wiggle room when you are under disciplinary bond. Although it is often termed to be punitive, It also gives a contractor an opportunity to improve on the violated areas. By having one, you are telling your Obligee that your company can be trusted and always stand behind business decisions. That id they fail to comply with the term of the contract, the Obligee is protected at all times.

How to Find the Best Deal on a Contractor’s Bond

Surety-BondIn the state of California all licensed contractors must file contractors bonds, which are essentially contracts where the surety firm assures the State of California that the contractor listed on the architects license bond will not do any crime of contractor license law. Read on to learn how to find the best deal for a bond in just three simple steps.



1. Find a California Contractors Bond Website

First things first, you need to find an insurance agency that issues contractors license bonds for the state of California. You want to find one that offers competitive pricing while still being reliable and experienced? Why? Because claims on a surety bond can be filed by any persons injured by a voluntary and intentional crime of a building contract. You want a surety company on your side that will dispute the claim. Otherwise, if they simply pay the claim, you are stuck paying the surety company back. You want a surety company that is experienced disputing claims and won’t stick you with the bill.

You also want to find a contractor license bond California company that not only has experience but also keeps up to date with the latest changes in the industry. Their agents should frequently be attending workshops and professional training seminars to guarantee their clients receive the best policy available. They should also carry the highest rated bond companies available such as, American Contractors Indemnity Company.

Once you have found a good insurance agency, you should be able to have the bond quoted and issued online without any additional paperwork. Alternatively, if you don’t want to apply online, make sure the company is staffed to handle the phone, fax, email or in person requests.

2. Answer a Few Simple Questions

To get your bond quote and determine whether you need a license bond or a “bond of qualifying individual” the surety company will ask you a few questions. Simple questions, such as your name, address, phone number, and the type of business you own can usually be answered in less than five minutes. This information can often be supplied by the insurance agency if you provide them with your license or application number.

3. Choose Your Payment Method

Simply pick whether you want to pay with a credit card or check – some surety companies even offer payment plans. That’s it. Just three easy steps and you’re immediately compliant with contractor’s license requirements.
You can’t operate as a licensed contractor in without a contractor’s bond, so there’s no time to lose. Don’t risk everything you’ve worked for! Follow these three fast and easy steps and get the best deal for a contractor’s bond.

Hiring a Roofing Architect, Is it Necessary?

Nice Roof

Wouldn’t you want to live in a perfect home and also have an ideal professional life? We all want that, no matter what. Roofing is one of the most vital aspects of building a perfect home for your family. It is not possible to even imagine a nice looking home without a perfect roof on top. But to maintain the basics as well as the beauty of the older constructions of your home, you must take good care of your home.

If you are planning to build a home or renovating the roofing of your home, you may want to seek a reliable architect for your project. Since roofs are the most vital parts of any home, make sure that you hire only the best and the most experienced contractor for your home so as to ensure the best job done. In order to find such a contractor, you must do some research and seek for the best and the most suitable solution for your home.

There are also many companies that offer their services to commercial projects. And they offer their roofing solutions to not only your home but also your office space too. Not many people give much importance to the aspects of the home until it is too late. But then, there are some contractors who are always ready to offer their help and service at a moment’s notice when needed. They will also be able to guide you with some advice on how to get a well protected, leak free, sturdy and reliable roof for your home.

Thus, if you are looking for a reliable architect, make sure to hire someone who would be able to give you solutions down to minute detail. And only a well-qualified expert can be able to inspect your roof and suggest ways to have a great problem free solution for a long time to come.

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Quality roofing is essential to the safety and finishing of every building. Good roofing is what makes the building habitable. Denver CO, for example, has seen a rise in the number of companies that offer services related to roofing structures and systems; True Nature Roofing has imparted valuable services to the roofing systems on Colorado’s front range. Most of the clients that have dealt with the company accredit their exceptional services to creating quality customer-contractor ties that makes the job run much smoother, quicker and more efficient. If you need the expertise of one of the top Colorado Springs roofing firms, you can more find details about the company’s reputation on this contractor profile.

When putting up a new home, the structure of the roof is critical to its functionality and durability. Therefore, it would be wise to consider professional input on the details of the building structure. Most roofing companies will provide you with free consultations on the setting up of your system. Most people also need to be educated on the details and costs of roof repair. Find a company that not only gives free estimates and information, but also provides you with a roofer who will evaluate your present condition and drum up a budget and repair plan for your roof.

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